The next evolution of medical drones

TED@UPS asks: What if mosquitoes could deliver vaccines?

Getting vaccines, blood and medicine to remote locations around the world has never been easy. Shipments must be kept within a specific temperature range, but unreliable electricity and impassable roads can put vaccines at risk during transit. Katie Francfort has an unusual idea for a delivery system to overcome these logistical challenges.

We need to think about new logistical solutions to get preventative medicines where they need to go.

As a marketing and logistics professional focusing on healthcare, Katie works closely with pharmaceutical companies that provide products for humanitarian aid.

In her TED@UPS talk, Katie explains how a recent trip to Colombia prompted her interest in finding a better way to transport vaccines, specifically those that protect against mosquito-borne illnesses.

Katie proposes turning the problem into the solution by letting mosquitoes become the new mini drones that can both deliver the vaccine and administer it.

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