The intersection of biology and transportation

TED@UPS asks: What if biology is the best inspiration for a healthy transportation system?

Traffic volume keeps increasing, but cities have run out of room to add more lanes to their roadways. In search of a solution, Wanis Kabbaj likes to look at urban areas from above. There he finds helpful comparisons between the arteries of the transportation network and the body’s vascular system.

The more robotized our traffic grid will be, the more organic and alive its movement will feel.

Throughout his career, Wanis has focused on global transportation and logistics. His recent work in healthcare logistics helped him realize that biology has been in the transportation business for billions of years.

In his TED@UPS talk, Wanis looks at the incredible efficiency of the body’s veins and arteries, and shows how the lessons learned from them could inform new modes of transportation.

From elevated buses and flying taxis to modular mass transit and driverless cars, Wanis paints a picture of a new and evolved transportation system that keeps traffic flowing efficiently—like blood through the veins.

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