Claiming what is yours

TED@UPS asks: What if you claimed everything that belongs to you?

Abandoned bank accounts. Credit balances. IRS refunds. These are just some of the sources of unclaimed funds that add up to billions of dollars in the U.S. As an unclaimed funds manager, Monica Johnson seeks to reunite people with their lost money. But it’s not always an easy task.

I’m passionate about connecting unclaimed funds to people because I understand what it means to be unclaimed.

In her TED@UPS talk, Monica shares her own life story—which includes a history of abandonment. She tells how, as she learned to claim and appreciate herself, she was able to move forward and help others.

So often Monica has to convince people it is worth the effort to claim their funds. She explains that she sees a correlation between this and how we as a society have trouble claiming every part of ourselves and each other.

Monica also describes how her passion for making sure children in particular do not become victims of abandonment has led her to establish her own foundation.

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