The global business next door – small business exports

When you think “global company,” what do you imagine? A massive conglomerate? A far-reaching tech corporation?

Scott Szwast reveals that 98% of US exporters are in fact companies with less than 50 employees. And yet, this only includes 1% of all US businesses. He explains why so many companies hesitate to make the leap across the border—and why they need to make the jump.

TED@UPS Speaker: Scott Szwast

Redefining the global players is truly at the center of our interconnected economies.

Think “global company,” and the businesses that first come to mind are undoubtedly massive conglomerates or far-reaching tech corporations with innumerable international branches. Scott Szwast turns this image upside down, redefining the global players truly at the center of our interconnected economies.

With a palpable passion for the unpredictability of global trade, Scott Szwast has spent the last 25 years supporting international transportation.

For 10 of them, he worked with an ocean freight line, helping to import and export goods.

The last 15 years he has spent with UPS, deep diving into distribution, transportation, technology, trade compliance, and the countless other aspects of cross-border trade.

Today, he is a marketing director for UPS, where he works closely with companies expanding into new markets to understand the particular needs of growing organizations and to develop the solutions to support them.

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