From a responsible “no” to an impassioned “yes” — making bold decisions

Pilot Jared Hill and his wife had a dream to help families in Uganda suffering from civil unrest. It seemed downright irresponsible seeing they had a family of their own. So how did they go from “No” to “Yes”?

TED@UPS Speaker: Jared Hill

“No” was the obvious and easy answer, while “yes” seemed silly and deeply irresponsible.

UPS pilot Jared Hill and his wife had a dream to help families in war-torn Uganda – but it seemed downright foolish.

But Hill and his wife couldn’t ignore the pull – how did they go from no to yes, what gifts did they get from taking this unlikely leap, and what can the rest of us learn?

Jared Hill is a 1998 graduate of Purdue University with a BS in aviation technology.

He currently flies the MD-11 for UPS, for which he received the “Aircrew of the Year” award in 2014.

But outside of work, his passions lie with a group of orphans at Restoration Gateway in Northern Uganda, where he recently taught math to grades three through six and now sits on their Board of Directors.

Jared currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana, with his wife and their three children.

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