Driving Growth: Monster Moto and UPS

Monster Moto is growing fast. But it can’t and won’t cut corners or dilute its brand. High quality bikes delivered on time, unharmed, and at a good cost. With a move to bring its assembly operations back to the United States and into a new warehouse, they needed expert help. Enter UPS.

This six-part video series captures the move to their new assembly line in Louisiana and presents the different challenges the company faced and how UPS worked with them on smart, sustainable solutions to keep their supply chain revving.


Chapter One: “I need someone to help me solve problems.”

Meet Monster Moto. They’re an introductory power sports company that is growing fast. With a move to near shore assembly operations, along with potential to sell internationally, growth can’t come at a cost. And it can’t happen fast enough. Learn about the logistics challenges this dynamic business is up against.


Chapter Two: “Our biggest challenge is supply chain.”

Monster Moto needs a plan to capitalize on opportunity, and a partner with the size, the reach and the logistics capability that they don’t have. What’s at stake? The success or failure of the company. Enter UPS. The team rolls up their sleeves and maps out an optimized supply chain that can serve Monster Moto well in the midst of shifting strategies and rising consumer demand.


Chapter Three: “Maybe we can create an iconic American brand.”

The idea of near shoring and assembling product in the U.S. is appealing to many companies, but they see lots of challenges and barriers. So how do you move your manufacturing operation from China to a brand new warehouse in Ruston, Louisiana? Create new jobs? Realize supply chain efficiency? Alex Keechle, CEO of Monster Moto, did it with one call to UPS.


Chapter Four: “Seamlessly and on time, so business isn’t interrupted.”

With a new assembly plant waiting for them in Ruston, Louisiana, Monster Moto needed to move roughly 35 truckloads of materials and inventory without a pause in their operation. UPS and Coyote Logistics make it happen and work to maximize productivity in the new facility.


Chapter Five: “It arrives ready to ride.”

Even the smallest change in a package size can make the biggest difference on shipping cost and package integrity. The UPS package lab works with Monster Moto to simulate shipping environments and optimize packaging to minimize costs and maintain integrity, so every new mini bike delivery puts a smile on a child’s face.


Chapter Six: “Exporting fun, all around the world.”

Business is growing. And now sights are set on Canada. From customs brokerage to a deep understanding of international trade, Monster Moto’s team at UPS continues to help redefine where opportunity comes from and how to manage it for the long haul.

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