Rethinking innovation

TED@UPS asks: What if the secret to big innovation comes from seeing things differently?

Innovators have the power to change the world. They come up with new ideas and find improved ways of doing things. But how exactly do they accomplish such feats? Jeff Kozak believes it is the ability to think through a problem in a counterintuitive way that sets great innovators apart.

Innovation is often not only counterintuitive, but it goes against convention.

For Jeff, aviation is both a passion and a profession. He serves as a Colonel in the Air Force Reserve. And he’s also an MD-11 Captain for a Fortune 100 logistics company.

In his TED@UPS talk, Jeff examines several instances involving aircraft where innovative thinking was needed to solve a problem—sometimes to save money, and sometimes to save lives.

With each example he shows how a different type of thinking that was both counterintuitive and unconventional was necessary to discover the answer, and to overcome the skepticism and resistance it initially received.

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