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When you embrace collaboration, you free up internal resources to focus on important business goals like product development, marketing, and sales. With UPS on your team, you’ll gain the people, solutions and expertise to push your supply chain and your business beyond what you thought possible.

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On This Team, There’s One Goal: Beat Cancer

On This Team, There’s One Goal: Beat Cancer

Learn how UPS helped deliver a new, in-home cancer screening option directly to patients.

With a mission to eradicate colorectal cancer, an integrated approach from UPS helped Exact Sciences improve early detection. See how UPS healthcare logistics experts created a customized solution to get their test kits to the patients and back to the lab.

Diagnostic testing opportunities are on the rise. Are you ready?

The right transportation solutions can help you improve specimen stability, offer visibility into inbound workflow and improve turnaround time.

Logistics experts to help you push what’s possible in patient care.

When your surround yourself with the best people, everyone succeeds. That’s why UPS healthcare logistics experts work in lockstep with your teams to help keep products safe, patients healthy, and supply chains working efficiently. Collaboration with UPS also includes:

  • An integrated transportation network with dedicated healthcare facilities and capabilities.
  • A portfolio of flexible supply chain solutions that help you meet global demand.
  • Expertise in addressing regulatory requirements, maintaining product integrity, and monitoring security.
See how UPS helped EndoChoice go from the founder’s basement to over $50 million in sales.

See how UPS helped EndoChoice go from the founder’s basement to over $50 million in sales.


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