We know that in healthcare, it’s not just a package, it’s a patient.


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An integrated approach improves more than just patient outcomes. UPS can work with you to avoid supply chain pitfalls, find new efficiencies, and turn potential risk into opportunity.

UPS Healthcare: CS: Saudi Arabia

Delivering temperature-sensitive, time-critical biologics to customers in Saudi Arabia can be tough. And in August, at 42°C, even tougher.

High temperatures and customs delays make Saudi Arabia a challenge for exporters. UPS showed that collaboration is the key to a solution.


UPS Healthcare: CS: Personalised Medicine

We are seeing a change in the healthcare model which sees patients being treated in their homes. From a supply chain perspective, it's all about timing.

Richard Holmes, Managing Director Polar Speed Ltd, a UPS company

The shift to more patient centric precision medicines is leading to dramatic changes in the way that healthcare will be delivered.


UPS Healthcare: CS: Business Change and Supply Chain Adaptation

Capturing and documenting tribal knowledge is vital for a company looking down the barrel of a divestiture.

For a healthcare company company in a merger, acquisition or divestiture, there are  tactical strategies to help ensure success. 

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Get an indication of the trends and innovations uncovered in this year’s study with this snapshot of our findings so far.

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  • State of Healthcare: Economic overview and industry trends, cost management and healthcare supply chain disruption
  • Risk Factors: The evolving regulatory environment and product protection requirements
  • Strategies for Overcoming Risk: Technology investment, collaboration, and expertise
  • Opportunities: Global expansion, channel and distribution strategies, and home healthcare

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