Discovering the power of art and awe

TED@UPS asks: What if art means the difference between life and death?

Most of us have had a time when we’ve felt different, like we didn’t fit in. Growing up, that experience was magnified for Jennifer Allison. Numbers had colors, lights would strobe, and sounds became screeches. When she was nine, she discovered something that helped her make sense of the illogical world around her—art.

A life without art is a life without awe, which is no life at all.

In her TED@UPS talk, Jennifer shares her struggles with a condition called Sensory Processing Disorder. She explains how art allows her to harness the colors, textures, and patterns in the world in ways that she can relate to. For Jennifer, art is life. It brings a sense of awe and wonder that allows her to feel grounded and connected, rather than isolated and overwhelmed.

Today, Jennifer manages a UX design team, and she brings a unique perspective to her work. She believes that by designing solutions for disabled users, it will ultimately improve the experience for all customers. She also continues to discover moments of awe as an avid painter, and she has published several coloring books of her work.

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