The quest for perfection

TED@UPS asks: What if “good enough” is not good enough?

Society has come to accept that if you “tried your best,” it’s good enough. But mistakes have real consequences. One typo can cost a company millions of dollars. And medical errors can destroy people’s lives. As Jon Bowers asserts, striving for anything less than perfection is downright dangerous.

We have become so afraid of failure we are scared to seek perfection because our egos can’t take it.

In his role as a driving instructor, Jon has a well-earned reputation for being strict. He wants his drivers to be obsessively perfect in every detail, large and small, because the cost of imperfection for someone behind the wheel of a large truck is too great.

Through his TED@UPS talk, Jon explains that our society has given up on seeking perfection because too often we are afraid of failure. But he argues that failure is not an end, but simply a steppingstone in our quest for perfection.

He concludes his talk by providing examples of people who have dedicated themselves to striving for perfection in their professions, and the greatness they have achieved.

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