Profound lessons from a pro wrestler

TED@UPS asks: What if you found your real identity in the wrestling ring?

Have you ever looked at the larger-than-life personalities in pro wrestling and wondered how they became who they are? Mike Kinney did. He grew up watching wrestling with his dad and dreaming of being in the ring. When he finally became a wrestler, he learned some deep lessons that changed his life.

Turning yourself up is about finding out what makes you different and amplifying it for the world to see.

Mike started wrestling professionally in high school, and his dad was his biggest fan. But after the sudden passing of his father, he felt lost and unsure of what to do.

In his TED@UPS talk, Mike shares how a fellow wrestler told him something that changed his life. His friend explained how the best wrestlers take their strongest traits and “turn them up” in the ring. It was an idea Mike applied to his wrestling career and his life.

Today, as a husband, father, and sales support supervisor, Mike continues to be the turned up version of himself, and he encourages others to be so, too.

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