Making jobs more human

TED@UPS asks: What if robots help us become more human at work?

More jobs are being automated. Cars will soon be self-driving. And machines are learning to handle complex decisions. So what effect will this “robot revolution” have on people? Are we destined for a jobless future? Or, as David Lee proposes, will our jobs become less about tasks and more about ideas?

We need to design jobs that are focused on the skills a person brings to work instead of the tasks they’re asked to do.

David has spent his career focusing on innovation. He has helped shape how large companies use advanced technologies, so he has seen first-hand how robots and software have taken over tasks humans used to do.

In his TED@UPS talk, David explains we need to start planning now for the robotic future. But he sees a silver lining in the new kinds of human-centered jobs this future can provide—ones that allow people to be creative, passionate, and empowered to try new things.

David shares an example from his former workplace, where he invited employees to be innovative and build anything they wanted to solve a problem. The results were astounding—and the creativity expressed was something no machine could match.

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